Code of Ethics

Cemetery administration, private or public, is a service-oriented endeavor; therefore, it is our obligation to conduct business in a fair, open and honest manner always within the law and never with deception, untruthfulness, or contempt.

Acknowledging death care as one of the serious requirements an individual must deal with in their life, we pledge to conduct our business with honor and dignity to the dead, and with sensitivity, understanding and thoughtfulness to the living.

We acknowledge the trust, both private and public, that rests in our care to maintain our cemeteries as honorable, dignified memorials maintained neatly and with order in perpetuity.

Code of Ethics Review

Perceived breach of ethics leveled at a member in writing, but the public, other business or other member, will be reviewed by a Committee appointed by the President and, upon consensus that said member knowingly or negligently breached the code, this Committee will recommend appropriate action by the membership.  This may be no action, a written reprimand or expulsion from the Association.  Written notification will be sent to all members.