Membership dues shall be established by the Executive Committee and published at least two (2) weeks prior to the Annual Meeting.  A majority vote of the Membership at the Annual Meeting will approve any change.

The Annual Meeting registration fee will be set by the Executive Committee.  The amount is to be stated on the notice of the meeting and payable to the Treasurer at the meeting which it covers.

Anyone who neglects to pay dues and membership fees shall be automatically suspended as a member if payment is not received by the Treasurer within 60 days of billing.  A suspended member may be reinstated to membership in good standing by the payment of the amount due the Association.

The Membership Committee shall consist of three members to be appointed by the President.  They are to report a the Annual Meeting.

At the Annual Meeting, the President may, if three or more members request, appoint an Auditing Committee to consist of two active members, who shall examine the books, accounts and vouchers of the Secretary-Treasurer, at the end of the year, or at any time upon request of the President.

Public statements written or oral may by the President must be reviewed and authorized by the Executive Committee. This may be done in advance or in emergency situations, by telephone.

Amended October 1989.