Articles published in February, 2013

1716 An Act To Require Funds for Prearranged Funerals To Be Invested Subject to the Requirements of the Maine Uniform Prudent Investor Act and To Update Related Provisions

LD 1716

Action:  O
Sponsor:  Beck
Cmte:   IFS
Public Hearing:   1/31/12 @1:00 pm
Work Session:    2/07/12 @1:00 pm
Cmte Vote:   ONTP
Final Disp:   Dead



1630 Resolve, To Establish a Stakeholder Group for the Development of a Plan for the Inventory and Proper Care of Veterans’ Graves

LD 1630

Action:  M
Sponsor:  Raye
Cmte:   VLA
Public Hearing:   2/08/12 @1:00 pm
Work Session:    2/10/12 @10:00 am
Cmte Vote:   OTPA
Final Disp:   Finally Passed




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