Landscaping company volunteers to repair cemetery damage

(originally appeared on WCSH Channel 6)

AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — An Augusta cemetery is looking cleaner Tuesday after vandals set fire to a shed, flipped benches and knocked over about 80 headstones in Riverside Cemetery last week, according to police.

“I was at a loss. I couldn’t fathom it,” said cemetery caretaker David McGuire.

Repairing the damage would take a lot of work and money, a responsibility that technically falls on the loved ones of those buried here. Fortunately, the owner of a local landscape company decided to help.

“I grew up here and the community has given a lot to me so its important to give a little bit back anyway,” said Tim Brown.

Brown said he believes a cemetery should be a place for peace and he wanted to help repair it. He brought along two employees, Angela Crisafulli and Adam O’Neal, who also joined Augusta Public Works to clean up.

Thanks to those Brownies Landscaping volunteers, crews were able to fix 30 stones Monday. They worked all day Tuesday and hope to finish the job Wednesday.

Crews will need to come back in the spring to apply an adhesive that will more permanently re-attach the stones.